Opportunity to take classes remotely in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at UW-Madison

Some of the LCTL instructors at the department of Asian Languages and Cultures have agreed to allow non-UW students to join the language classes remotely in Fall 2022, enrolling as Special Student.  As Special Student, you will pay a much less tuition rate than the regular non-resident tuition rate.  For the language courses, the Special Student tuition is $500/credit.

 Below is a guideline for the procedure:

1.      Any interested student* must apply to become an online-only university Special Student (UNOL): https://acsss.wisc.edu/online-only/

2.      Once a student is formally admitted as UNOL they can work with our department to inquire about the possibility of joining any of our online courses.

3.    Permission to join a course is entirely up to each language instructor.

4.    Once an instructor gives permission, they can inform Rachel Weiss to enter permission or issue a permission number to the student.

For further information, please contact: Dr. Erlin Barnard, esbarnard@wisc.edu

*Any WISLI student enrolled this summer who wants to enroll for fall in our new online only special student category to take a course for credit/grade should simply complete this form—no new application needed: