The Language Program Office (LPO) serves communities engaged in learning, teaching, and researching Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) by providing high-quality, intensive language instruction for those languages in a proficiency-based, student-centered learning environment. Our mission is to develop high-level language proficiency and cultural expertise among our learners through innovative and highly effective instructional practices.

The LPO is a unit in the International Division and coordinates with other campus units including academic departments which offer summer intensive LCTLs, the Language Institute, Area Studies Centers and affiliated programs, the Division of Continuing Studies, and International Academic Programs. The LPO also works with external partners including governmental and grant funding agencies.

LPO-supported programs serve a national and global audience of LCTL language learners and instructors.

For a printable overview of the Language Program Office, click on this link: LPO Overview PDF.

Foundations of the Language Program Office

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LPO pursues opportunities to grow its LCTL programs via grant opportunities, foundation support, increased enrollments, new language offerings, blended and online course development, and professional development for LCTL instructional staff.


LPO supports the development of innovative language instruction practices and resources for improving proficiency outcomes through its core pedagogy team which includes the WISLI Director and the Summer Language Institute’s Language Pedagogy Coordinators, and with campus and external partners.


LPO supports the LCTL language instructors in WISLI and LPO Sponsored Programs via a pre-service orientation week training with continued support throughout the summer through the Language Pedagogy Coordinators and WISLI Director.


LPO serves the needs of students in WISLI and other LPO Sponsored Programs by providing student services support, coordinating supplemental instruction opportunities, and offering co-curricular programming to enhance classroom language learning.

Marketing/Communications and Outreach

LPO promotes LCTL language instruction offered via its programs, but also via outreach opportunities to advocate for the learning of LCTL languages.

Sponsored Programs

LPO seeks funding opportunities that support intensive summer LCTL learning.


The LPO acts as an administrative umbrella for WISLI and the LPO Sponsored Program by liaising with campus and external units.