Dr. Felecia Lucht

Position title: LPO Academic Director, WISLI Director

Email: felecia.lucht@wisc.edu

Phone: 608-263-6693

Dr. Felecia Lucht is the Academic Director of the Language Program Office (LPO) and the Director of the Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI) at UW-Madison.   In these roles Dr. Lucht helps create and implement innovative language learning programs and designs instructor training programs. She collaborates with the LPO Director and Administrative Director to develop strategies to support Less Commonly Taught Language (LCTL) instruction.  Dr. Lucht also advises on academic issues and initiatives for other LPO programs and grants.  As the Academic Director for Project Global Officer (PGO), Dr. Lucht worked with the PGO team to implement a cultural learning assessment tool and discussion sessions to foster the development of intercultural competency and leadership skills.  Dr. Lucht is also the Pedagogy Director for the Regional Flagship Languages Initiatives (RFLI) and the Regional Flagship Language Initiatives – Culture Initiative (RFLI-CI). In this role, she works with content experts on academic issues, reviews, and advises on the content and development of scenarios for the Culture App and lessons for a Moodle companion course.  Prior to her work in the Language Program Office, Dr. Lucht taught German language classes and graduate courses in second language acquisition, foreign language methodology, and foreign language testing.

Dr. Lucht has an MA and PhD in German with a PhD minor in Second Language Acquisition from UW-Madison.  She holds an MA in International Affairs with a concentration in Comparative and Regional Studies from the School of International Service (SIS) at the American University in Washington, DC.  She has a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where she completed a double major in German and International Studies, with a minor in Russian.