Chris Carlson

Position title: WISLI Program Coordinator with primary focus on SIPI & NORD


Chris is the WISLI Program Coordinator for the Summer Intensive Portuguese Institute and the new NORD Summer Scandanavian Institute. He is originally from a small town in Alabama, called Gadsden, which is in the northeastern corner of Alabama and is the beginning of the Appalachian mountains. He comes from a family of academics, with several grandparents, cousins, and siblings that work for colleges in many forms. He hails from a musical and curious family that are lifelong and continual learners, with most of his kin knowing how to play at least one instrument and/or speak one other language (He fell into the musical category picking up the violin at a young age).

He moved to Wisconsin in 2014 for school and job opportunities, fell in love with the State and Madison, and never left! He went to MATC where I received my associates in biological sciences, then transferred to Edgewood College to finish his Bachelors in Conservational Ecology and Biology with a focus in Botany. He has worked for public libraries, colleges, and nonprofits for 10+ years directing departments, writing grants, helping with outreach, and orchestrating programs for these institutions. He has also worked in the public sector for 10+ years as management and floor staff, providing marketing opportunities, scheduling, staffing, product analysis, and customer base retention.